Welcome to Cypress Hillside School.

Our school provides an international atmosphere and our professional team nurtures and inspires our pupils to become learners for life. Every day a new lifelong learner is born. And every day, we inspire our pupils to seek knowledge.

Our education mantra is that you learn something everyday. Education does not stop when your nose is out of a book. No matter where you are, what you are watching, or what you are doing, you can learn something. If our pupils grow up with this mindset, they will be prepared for ebbs and flows that life throws at them.

We welcome you to our website to see how a world-class education can shape your child’s learning in CHS.

Our Learning Programmes


At CHS this incorporates Preschoolers Pre-Nursery (2-3 years),
Nursery (3-4 years) and Reception (4-5 years).

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This covers Children aged 5-7 years. Pupils follow the Nigeria and National Curriculum for England and Wales in all subjects.

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This covers Children aged 7 - 11 years. Pupils follow the Nigeria and National Curriculum for England and Wales in all subjects.

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Head of School Welcome Message

Dear Parents,

I dearly welcome you to Cypress Hillside School. It is such a great pleasure having you to read through our website. Education has played a vital role in evolving us to who and what we are today.

Cypress Hillside School is a globally minded school, providing pupils with a high standard of education in an excellent environment. Cypress Hillside School offers crèche, preschool, and elementary services to families but first and foremost, we are a Christ-centered school and committed to developing in our pupils a God-centered view of truth cultivating in them the Christ mind from a very young age.

CHS embraces education across all borderlines with her tailor-made, broad, balanced, and structured curriculum providing a fertile start for pupils from early years. While our website provides an insight into our community, we would welcome the opportunity to show you our school.

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Thank you,

‘Sefunmi James-Ogbe
Head of School.

Basic Roots of Cypress Hillside Schools

Building on this metaphor, the 10 ‘CHS Basic roots’ are the learning and development strategies which will underpin a young child’s mind, social and intellectual growth throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Champion Values and Emotional Intelligence Building Strategies
Creativity and Theatrical Strategies
Associative Thinking & Cognitive Strategies
Communication Strategies
Narrative Intelligence Strategies
Language and Reading Strategies
Numeracy Strategies
Nature and Environmental Awareness Strategies
Movement for the Mind Strategies
Music for Learning and Life Strategies


For now our admissions team accepts students throughout the academic year as long as an appropriate place is available.

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